Halton Strategic

T hrough my business, Halton Strategic, I help organizations and businesses build strategic plans that guide their decisions and focus them on what matters. I provide a broad range of consultative solutions to help organizations facilitate change, tell their best stories and achieve their desired future.

As a facilitator and coach, I offer unique perspective and experience by melding my diverse leadership experiences in non-profit, government and independent business, with my writer's listening and storytelling skills. I am trained in the IAP2 method of public engagement and working towards IAF certification.

Carissa’s simply fantastic. She has facilitated two board workshops for iHuman. As with most workshops we had a set agenda but as we progressed, a few critical unexpected issues came up. Carissa deftly incorporated them, allowed a respectable discussion time and then efficiently guided us back to our original focus. She’s excellent in accessing needs, listening to and summarizing discussions. She has an innate sense for what is important. It’s like she clears away all the distractions and presents a clear and doable pathway forward. I think Carissa will add tremendous value to non-profit and to corporate community discussions/workshops. And she has a great sense of humour, which makes process a pleasure!

Sandra Bromley, President of the Board, iHuman Youth Society

Carissa took the time to share her thoughts, strategies, and expertise with me as I prepared for a three-hour strategic planning update session with the LitFest Board of Directors. Her guidance was invaluable and, using her tips, we were able to effectively and efficiently refine our goals as an organization for the coming years. Her insights and practical, concrete suggestions for tackling the questions at hand helped us come away from the meeting energized, with a shared vision for our organization. Thank you, Carissa!

Andrea Anderson, President, LitFest Board of Directors

When we began our business six years ago, we had a lot to learn!  Carissa's guidance helped us decide how we needed to change some of our thinking, where we needed to focus our time, energy and limited finances, and gave us tools we could use to keep evaluating the decisions we were making. The fact that she knew nothing about our business did not take away from her effectiveness, as it is her ability to probe, ask questions, and guide our discussion that makes her so effective.   The time our team spent with her was invaluable and made a huge difference for our business! 

Louise Froese, Good News Auto